Self-wealth (chrysalis)


I was astonished to discover the caterpillar’s final meal before transforming into a butterfly is actually himself.  Gulp!  

It stops eating, and digest itself into a liquid, soupy substance within a Chrysalis.

I digested myself when I stopped eating the cares of better possessions, reputation, status, and fearing emotional exposure.  

To “stop eating” means these things no longer consumed my life .. “crunch, crunch.” 

Discover your feelings, discover your fortune.

As caterpillars liquidate themselves into a Chrysalis, I liquidated my self-perceptions.

Allowing space for vulnerability and emotional exposure became a “liquid clarity” to see my self-wealth.

Self-wealth was the rich deposits that came from refueling myself – practicing mindfulness, meaning-making through journaling, and self-care activities.

The Secret Strategy

I remember training to complete my 1st half-marathon…13.1 miles!  After several weeks of training, I finally reached mile 8 that ended with me unconsciously passing out.

My wife was traumatized after receiving a call from the hospital “we’ve found your husband non-responsive on the side of the road, get here immediately!”  

Although I eventually completed a half-marathon it wouldn’t be the last traumatic moment.

After crossing the finish line of my 2nd half-marathon, I would have collapsed if it hadn’t been for the race attendees quickly rushing my staggering body off to the medical tent.  

The point I’m making is this.  On both races, I was more focused on pushing my limits, and less focused on my hydration strategy.

Our own ego and society has us distracted from refueling ourselves in self-care.

This information driven society pushes our limits to be fatigued in “too many” videos, “too many” articles, and “too many” Google search results to choose from – choice fatigue.

And our ego keeps us so performance-driven for success – hustle culture fatigue.

Giving more focus on “pushing your limits,” than your hydration strategy” to refuel your self-wealth, will leave you “passed out” on your road to success.

In my Chrysalis of self-care, I discovered 3 super emotions driving my self-wealth:

  • Contentment – the gratitude to see the significance in what seems insignificant.
  • Curiosity – the autonomy to be creative and explore possibilities.
  • Courage – the vulnerability to deepen my connection with self and others.

The more space I gave to tap into my mojo emotions, the more abundance flowed in my life.

The less space I gave to them allowed more space to be self-critical, and self-defeating.

  • Fulfillment is living from self-wealth


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