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Better-self (butterfly)


Throughout my life…family, school, and society focused mostly on developing the “Intellectual- Self” (self-concept, self-esteem, and self-perceptions) for a better life. 


A “better life” never really came from developing my Intellectual-Self.

It came when I became more attentive to my Emotional-Self – inner storytelling that was either in emotional poverty or emotional wealth.

The greatest storytelling is the version you tell yourself, about yourself.

Emotional poverty
 conflicted my Intellectual-Self with an inner dialogue of all that was lacking in my life, and what I needed to strive for in order to be fulfilled.  


Emotional wealth “confronted” my Intellectual-Self with a inner dialogue to both “feel” and “name” what I was feeling.  It was observatory and non-judgmental, and brought light to all things meaningfulall things possible, and all things available

I could never fully silence the chatter of emotional poverty. But turning up the volume of my emotional wealth did drown the hell out of it!

Emotional wealth was my Better-Self in being attentive, authentic, and abundant in my well-doing, regardless of the outcome.   

The income of emotional wealth brought fulfillment into my world, instead of having to strive towards it.

Personal fulfillment is our “Betterfly” to live from a place of well-being that transforms into a well-doing. 

It’s winning from within to rediscover our emotions, renew our thoughts, and reimagine the worlds around us.   

When I started living “from” emotional wealth my life transformed – my marriage went from marriage tension to marriage elasticity in both strength and flexibility that “birthed” a unified vision, “birthed” a miracle son despite what the doctors said, “birthed” my wife and I out of corporate jobs, “birthed” us into entrepreneurs of a group counseling practice offering a rare boutique of services, “birthed” my writing and speaking path and so much more…

Birthing is life-giving, and emotional wealth “births” life abundantly. That’s my story and I’m gonna keep giving birth to it!

  • Fulfillment is living from emotional wealth

I want to help you stop chasing fulfillment and start living from it.

My love…a bold and beautiful wife, my curious and courageous boys are a manifestation of living from fulfillment.  And instead of my family looking for a better world, I want them bringing fulfillment into their world…and I want the same for you.

Live from fulfillment…


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