What makes my training different? Simple…
I realize you’re different!

People development…whether leadership, team, or professional trainings forget we’re NOT just “people,” we’re “personalities.”  One Size Does NOT Fit All!

I empower you, by tapping into The Power of You!.

ColorCode powers organizations with personality power – the WHY behind the WHAT of meaningful performance & meaningful connection.

More for you, is at the core of you – Driving Core Motive…ignites personalities, motivates meaningful connection, and transforms organizational performance.

A extremely fun & engaging emotional intelligence workshop excellent for:

  • Schools – student engagement, social-emotional learning, and career education.
  • Churches – relational leadership, spiritual talents, & differentiated worship experiences.
  • Training programs – self-development & authentic networking.
  • Business – team engagement, sales, & performance trainings.

Discover you and your organization’s self-wealth with this revolutionary workshop to:

  • Increase levels of compassion & contentment.
  • Understand what makes people tick & resolve conflict.
  • Lead with courage & clarity.
  • Motivate organizational change & connection.


This powerful, revolutionary theory is based on one of the world’s most popular personality style assessments, and best-selling book, The Color Code, by Taylor Hartman, PhD.

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