❛❛ Fulfillment is living from a better emotional-self. ❜❜

❛❛ Fulfillment is living from a better emotional-self. ❜❜

I’m a speaker, trainer, and writer in personal transformation.
My boys are my world, my wife runs my world, and the training journey to complete a marathon rocked my world (I literally almost died) lol.
A good cup of coffee, a good story, and hearing the good emotional success of others is goodness to me.

And I believe good emotional success comes out of our well-being, that inspires a well-doing. 
An extraordinary life doesn’t come from extraordinary possessions, reputation, or status. 
Extraordinary comes out of extra-ordinary feelings and attitudes.  A better life comes out of an extraordinary emotional dialogue.  
Like most, I believed the caterpillar changed into an extraordinary butterfly. 
But surprisingly, the caterpillar only concealed extraordinary.  The butterfly’s transformation was constantly taking off the caterpillar. 
When we get better at constantly taking off what’s concealing us, what’s holding us back, we begin to reveal what makes us extraordinary.
The lighter we are, the better we fly, and this “betterfly” is the transformation I’m committed to.


My Work

is all about thriving in fulfillment, the power of relationships, and emotional wealth building.

My Work

is all about thriving in fulfillment, the power of relationships, and emotional wealth building.

Betterfly Consulting LLC

I founded Betterfly Consulting LLC in 2017 as a mental fitness training company to inspire creative pathfinding, organizational change, and meaningful leadership training that taps into the emotional wealth of human potential.

Embrace Your Journey

I see a generation under identity crisis, self-absorbed in validation from external achievements, and having a never fulfilled thirst for peak performance and greatness. But greatness is not our becoming, but our unbecoming.

Transformation Unveiled

The caterpillar unbecomes 5 times to unveil a majestic Butterfly. 

Unleash Your Better-Self

When we unbecome how we see ourselves (self-concept), how we feel about ourselves (self-esteem), and how we perceive ourselves in relation to others (self-perception), we unveil a Better-Self (self-realization) of personal transformation.

Charting a Creative Path

By unbecoming traditional paths and ways of thinking, I discovered my path. It’s a creative path…to inspire humanity to discover their Better-self.

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